Welcome to Advanced New Media Production. The purpose of this site is to support NMIX 4020/6020

  1. First job is to submit your site. If you already have a domain name and hosting such as billsmith.com, I recommend that you create a new folder for this class with your ftp client that, following the billsmith.com example, is either billsmith.com/nmc/4020 or billsmith.com/em/6020.
  2. If you need hosting,  click here  for our recommendation and information on how to set everything up.
  3. Next, click here to submit yoursite.com/em/6020 or yoursite.com/nmc/4020 as your site for this course. (Use your real site of course) All of your assignments will live in the new folder that you just created.
  4. Once you have submitted your site, click here to see the link  that you submitted and links to your classmates' sites as well. You probably see broken image links. That is because the system you just submitted to, generates a web page that looks for an image named me.jpg in a folder named images that is appended to your link. For example, http://yoursite.com/em/6020/images/me.jpg.
    1. Locate or create an image of yourself and make sure that it is in the jpg format.
    2. Name the image me.jpg (all lower case), and make sure that the suffix is jpg NOT jpeg.
    3. Resize the image to no more that 500 pixels width.
    4. If you need help with resizing properly click here for instructions.

Create an assignment page

Assuming that you created a folder and submitted the URL, the next step is to add an index.html page to the 4020 or 6020 folder that will link to your assignments. When you set up, and as you develop, your assignment page, please keep it simple and logical. This is the page that I will visit in order to grade your work and we both want me to be able to find your assignments easily. Here is an example of a suggested format.

Get a Flash Drive (USB C)

Our computers are very good but woefully short on storage. The solution is for you to store your work on a Flash Drive. Here’s a good one with lots of storage:
SanDisk 256GB Ultra Dual Drive Go USB Type-C Flash Drive, Black – SDDDC3-256G-G46 https://a.co/d/b7zIeCW

Whatever you get make SURE that it is USB C or it will not work with these computers.