Javascript Intro

We will use many of the free lessons at to help with our exploration of Javascript. Let's begin at Introduction to JavaScript. 

NOTE:  Those of you who have taken our introductory web development course may have already taken these same introductory JavaScript lessons. If so, it is not mandatory that you take them again but you may benefit from them as a refresher. Also, I will NOT be tracking your FCC progress this semester.

This webpage has LOT of lessons, but don't worry, we won't do them all at once.  It is also worth noting at this point that Free Code Camp is not a perfect resource. It's pretty good, but some of the instructions for the exercises could be written more clearly and can be very hard to follow. The strategy that I recommend is the read instructions carefully, if they make any sense at all (most will), give it a shot. Before you get REALLY frustrated click on the 'hints' link, where you will usually find a solution.

For your first day's homework, please complete the following lessons:

    1. Comment Your JavaScript Code
    2. Declare JavaScript Variables
    3. Storing Values with the Assignment Operator
    4. Initializing Variables with the Assignment Operator
    5. Understanding Uninitialized Variables
    6. Understanding Case Sensitivity in Variables
    7. Add Two Numbers with JavaScript
    8. Subtract One Number from Another with JavaScript
    9. Multiply Two Numbers with JavaScript
    10. Divide One Number by Another with JavaScript
    11. Increment a Number with JavaScript
    12. Decrement a Number with JavaScript
    13. Create Decimal Numbers with JavaScript
    14. Multiply Two Decimals with JavaScript
    15. Divide One Decimal by Another with JavaScript
    16. Finding a Remainder in JavaScript
    17. Compound Assignment With Augmented Addition
    18. Compound Assignment With Augmented Subtraction
    19. Compound Assignment With Augmented Multiplication
    20. Compound Assignment With Augmented Division
    21. Declare String Variables
    22. Escaping Literal Quotes in Strings
    23. Quoting Strings with Single Quotes
    24. Escape Sequences in Strings
    25. Concatenating Strings with Plus Operator
    26. Concatenating Strings with the Plus Equals Operator
    27. Constructing Strings with Variables
    28. Appending Variables to Strings
    29. Find the Length of a String
    30. Use Bracket Notation to Find the First Character in a String
    31. Understand String ImmutabilityUse Bracket Notation to Find the Nth Character in a String
    32. Use Bracket Notation to Find the Last Character in a String
    33. Use Bracket Notation to Find the Nth-to-Last Character in a String
    34. Word Blanks