CSS Text Styling

Text Styling Fundamentals

Full disclosure. I did not expect to learn much from this section but was happily surprised by all of the valuable, and unexpected, insights into text styling. My suggestion is that you begin by simply reading through this page. High points to focus on that may well show up on a quiz are listed below.

  1. text-decoration
  2. Font families and web-safe fonts
  3. Default/Generic fonts
  4. Font stacks. What are they? Why use them?
  5. Font-size. Ems, Rems, and PX.  Why in the world would a web developer set the default font of a page to 10px?
  6. Font-style, font-weight, text-transform, text-decoration (just the basics on text-decoration.  red wavy? Nah).
  7. Text-shadow (why not, it's kind of cool sometimes 🙂
  8. Text-alignment.
  9. Line spacing.
  10. Letter and word spacing

Under the section titled Other properties worth looking at...

Feel free to skip the font styles section but there is some crazy stuff there that you might find of interest. Your call. I won't test you on it or focus on it in class.

The Text layout styles section, however, is quite interesting. In particular, focus on text-indent, text-overflow, and especially white-space.  Although html ignores white space by default, you can change that setting and put your white space to work with CSS should you want to!