Final Project

So this is it, the course is winding down and it is time to do a final project. This last assignment is a big part of your grade, but more importantly, a great opportunity for self-directed learning and to create something that you are proud of that you could even show off to a potential employer.

My general expectation is that your final project will draw on what you have learned in this class, but also showcase something new that you learned on your own. I also expect to see evidence of significant effort.

More specifically, what I do NOT want to see is a static HTML page or website. Your project should incorporate Javascript and/or Vue, or some other new coding language such as PHP.


This project is very open ended, but I always like to offer some specific ideas just in case.

  1. Do something cool with an API. As we now know, there are lots and you have many examples to draw from in the workbook.
  2. Create an interactive project, that collects and stores data in a database. This would require PHP/MYSQL or some other data storage method (firebase perhaps).
  3. Something else. Find a Vue or Javascript tutorial that leads to a project that you like. 
  4. Use WordPress as a backend for an app. WordPress generates an api that can be used to pull in text and images quite easily. Non-technical clients who need to input their own data love WordPress. 
  5. Build a WordPress theme. The workbook has a lesson, but lots more are available.


The examples below are from the past two semesters and some of them may no no longer work because I have no control over the websites of former students. All were A projects, although some were more complex than others. One thing they all share, however, is effort!


  1. Meal Searcher by Hyemi Bun
  2. Roommate Finder by Macy Adams
  3. Hyper Typer by Erin Hughes
  4. Amelia Neumeister: National Park Search

Examples from Fall 2020

  1. Trivia Challenge by Jordan McGuire (Tech level high)
  2. HUGE Pokedex Api Project by Johnny Mata (Tech level Moderately High)
  3. UGA football results from API by Andy Johnson (tech level moderate)

Examples from Spring 2019


  1. Itunes song search by Dakota Werner (Tech level pretty high)
  2. Bad Horoscopes by Carolyn Borkowski (Tech level reasonably high)
  3. Child Health Outcomes by Sneha Gubbala (Tech level fairly high)
  4. Cat Picker by Chris Martinez. (Tech level pretty high)