Project 4: Extract json data about YOU and your classmates.

First, create a folder for this project. The data that you will use is available at this URL: and it will most likely look familiar.

Caveats about this assignment.

  1. Don't panic! I am not going to ask you do do anything that you have not already accomplished successfully in the workbook assignments.
  2. You will use the same (jquery based) $.getJSON function that you used in other assignments to access this data. The basic data call will look exactly like this:
      $.getJSON('', function(data) {    });
  3. As part of your assignment, you will be asked to make an image of your classmates appear on a web page. Other than for perhaps a few holdouts, each of your classmate's (and your) pictures are accessible via the domain property, which leads to each of your homepages. Simply add images/me.jpg to the url of any of those homepages and an image will usually appear.
  4. If you get stumped use Slack to ask questions! Your classmates are a great resource and, who knows, I may even help, but YOU HAVE TO ASK.

The actual assignment

Use   to generate a an html page that displays

  1. each of your classmate's first and last names,
  2. their pictures, and
  3. the fact that they shared about themselves.
  4. Make it look OK,
  5. build it within a flex framework.
  6. Beyond that, I don't care if you use div tags, articles, <h2> or <h3> tags, or any particular combination of html elements. I am most concerned that you know how to extract data from a json file and make it appear in a logically structured format in a web page.