Project 1

For this project you will develop a basic website with three individual pages, or a one page website with with three linked sections. There are a couple of options for this project.

  1. Download a free theme from and use that as a starting point.
    • Caveats if you use an HTML5UP theme.
      • Replace any background header images with one of your own making, while being sure that your image matches the dimensions of the original.
      • If you choose to use internal links to sections, be sure and remove any unused sections.
      • Be sure and remove extraneous text and images from your site that come with the theme.
  2. Build your site from scratch, being sure to use and demonstrate your agility with Flexbox and standard CSS.

Project 1 WordPress Variant

  1. This one is reserved, and almost recommended, for Dev track students who have never used WordPress. Visit the excellent section on Wordpress from our Introductory Web Development workbook, and build your 3 page site with this platform. My expectations aren't super high, but I think that it is important that all students gain exposure to easy to use content management systems, and WordPress is by far the most popular of that genre.

Rules for all options

Regardless of the option you choose, be sure and add some images; ideally original photographs taken by. you.

IMPORTANT: Make sure that the images are appropriately sized, which in most cases means that the actual image size (not the way it is displayed on the page, the size of the image itself) is no more than 800px wide. Huge images that download slowly are a sure sign of a bad web developer! And one of my pet peeves :).