Arrays etc.

We will be using arrays a lot so pay extra attention to these exercises.  NOTE: this set of exercises begin where you left off, just after the word blanks exercise.

  1. Store Multiple Values in one Variable using JavaScript Arrays
  2. Nest one Array within Another Array
  3. Access Array Data with Indexes
  4. Modify Array Data With Indexes
  5. Access Multi-Dimensional Arrays With Indexes
  6. Manipulate Arrays With push()
  7. Manipulate Arrays With pop()
  8. Manipulate Arrays With shift()
  9. Manipulate Arrays With unshift()
  10. Shopping List
  11. Write Reusable JavaScript with Functions
  12. Passing Values to Functions with Arguments
  13. Global Scope and Functions
  14. Local Scope and Functions
  15. Global vs. Local Scope in Functions
  16. Return a Value from a Function with Return
  17. Understanding Undefined Value returned from a Function
  18. Assignment with a Returned Value
  19. Stand in line.