Lists, links, and web fonts

Note from Emuel

This short section on styling probably belongs more correctly with the CSS introduction, but it's pretty straightforward so I decided to leave it where it is. Plus, it's hard to separate html and css anyway, so we might as well take a holistic approach :).  In other words, please read it and expect a question or two on the quiz.

List styling

You should have had some exposure to list  styling prior to taking this course, but chances are you will learn something new from this page. I did. In fact, in honor of this section I changed the styling of this site so that nested OLs (ordered lists) would be ordered alphabetically instead of numerically.

Some of this material may be very familiar but give it a quick read anyway. Things to focus on in particular include:

  1. Everything under the heading of List-specific styles
    1. Bullet styles and position
    2. Custom bullet images. This section is quite good. Give a thorough read to the section on the use of background images and bullets.
    3. The short section on controlling list counting is also worthy of your time. Ordered lists can be reversed (rocket launch countdown style), you can start them at a specific value, and/or set a specific numeric value for each item.

Styling links

This section is similar to the link section in 4110 but more thorough. Read through it and be sure that you are clear on

  1. link states
  2. link state order for css styling.

Web Fonts

I'm a bit of a web font junkie so expect some questions from this section. Ie. Familiarize yourself with it thoroughly.