Project 5: Using WordPress as a data source

Task 1

Your first task in this assignment is to use the url (and json feed)
to construct a web page that brings in the title, the content, and the featured image from a very simple WordPress site.  If you have experience with WordPress development, you may have have set a featured image for a page or post in the past.  (BTW, if you change the url to say v2/pages?_embed it will pull in the same content a site's pages).

You should have learned enough from the previous lessons to figure all of this one out on your own.  But just to speed things along, here is 1/2 of the path to reach the featured image:  data[i]._embedded["wp:featuredmedia"][0]. Take note that _embedded begins with an underscore. That one cost me more time to figure out than I want to admit!

Task 2

Your second task is to create your very own WordPress feed with 5 posts or pages with featured images and to put it to work exactly as you did with my wordpress feed. This one is EASY if you know how to use WordPress, because the only coding required is to substitute your url for mine.


Becomes: http://ThePathToYourWordpressSite/wp-json/wp/v2/posts?_embed