Introduction to WooCommerce

WooCommerce is the most popular free e-commerce solution for WordPress by a mile. As of January 2018, WooCommerce powers over 42% of all online stores! If you’re looking to open up virtual shop on your WP-powered website, going with WooCommerce is one of the best decisions you could make. There are plenty of alternatives out there, but it’s hard to beat Woo when using WordPress. Additionally, WooCommerce is owned and maintained by Automattic, the company who owns and maintains Thus, there is a lot of support for this product and the community of developers who create extensions for it is incredible.

WooCommerce is perhaps the easiest way to create an online store on WordPress, and it can allow even the smallest business to start selling their products in a matter of minutes. The interface is designed to be simplistic and easy to understand, while there is still plenty of room for expansion. We will go through the installation process in a moment, and you will be able to do this yourself very soon! The other thing to realize about WooCommerce is it’s designed to be an end-to-end product right out of the box. It takes your customer from product page all the way to shipping the products. There’s payment gateways, tax settings, and hundreds of other settings that allow you to get moving as quickly as possible. Then, at that point all you have to do is apply your pre-existing HTML/CSS knowledge – and now theme development – and make the actual website look good around these products!